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All of our family members are special in their own way. We have a short bio on most of our puppies along with pictures. You will find a lot of diversity in the roles that Always bouviers play in the lives of their owners.


Litter One - DOB March 3, 1998
Ch B.Witchnís Yours Truly Iris PT CD OA OAJ x Ch B.Witchnís A Spot on My Jeans
Lila,   Gypsy,   Sammy Jo,   and  Woodruff

Litter Two - DOB February 23, 2001
Ch B.Witchnís Your Truly Iris PT CD OA OAJ x CH OTCH Susantís Emperor Maximillian UDX TDX HT
Glory,   Jasmine,   Rocco,   and  Violet

Litter Three - DOB May 17, 2002
Ch Always Bwitchn Lilac Bookay CD NAJ x Ch Wizardís Gait Lynwoodís Lotto
Dahlia,  and Barbu

Litter Four - DOB June 15, 2004
Ch Always Bwitchn Lilac BooKay CD NAJ x Ch Brimarís Raime of HiTor
Lina  and Jack

Litter Five - DOB January 14, 2005
Ch Always Bwitchn Lilac BooKay CD NAJ x Ch Brimarís Raime of Hi Tor
Cindy  and Holly  and Merlin  and Winston

Litter Six - DOB
Ch Always Lavender Santolina c Ch Brimar's Only Obsession
Scarlet  and Quincy  and Drake  and Boris  and Lexus and Dusty  and Nico

Litter Seven - DOB
Always Our Hyacinth BooKay x Ch BB's Built Ford Tough Bronco
Brodie  and Chloe  and Ryder  and Emmet,

Litter Eight - Always Our Hyacinth BooKay to Ch Desert Sage D'Artangan Kip  and Nip  and Lacey  and Maggie  and Chloe  and Chief  and Buster  and Rincewind  and Diesel

Litter Nine - DOB
Always Scarlett Begonias to Ch Mapleridge Preacherman
Briar  and Cosmos  and Red  and Vader

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