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tire iris

Iris, my foundation bitch, came to me in 1994.   What a wild and headstrong puppy she was.   Funny, she never grew out of those traits!   In just 13 months, Iris earned four titles (championship, obedience, herding & agility) before she was bred the first time in 1998.   She went on to earn eight titles, earning title eight on her 12th birthday! She produced seven puppies in that first litter and produced another, a second litter of four puppies in 2000.   Her puppies have given us three champions, seven obedience titles, six agility titles, twenty agility titles, eleven rally titles, one herding title, and one carting title..   Keep in mind many of these pups are still working toward other titles.   Like their mama, with her eight titles, these pups have shown true working temperament and ability.   To honor Iris, all Always puppies are registered with botanical names.

Iris had a great sense of humor and ruled the house like the Queen she was.   Given her great love of leather and her love of ANYTHING that even resembles food, Iris has provided me with many fun tales to relate to those interested in bouviers.   She was a staunch protector of myself and of our home.   She was truly a tough no-nonsense bitch.

She was incredibly special to me as well as many others.   I was so fortunate to have her.

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