Gypsy - Always A Forget Me Not Posey  NA NAJ CD RN HIC VBB TT TDI


Gypsy was an incredible dog who earned many titles over her lifetime.  The loss of Gypsy this last summer (09) saddened all the Always family members.  She was such a quiet (ok - she liked to bark alot) and stoic girl who did her very best for her owner, Marty, be it in the obedience, rally or agility ring.  She easily earned her herding instinct test title and would have qualified for her carting title had it not been for a back injury.  Her show career was cut short due to her intense dislike of conformation.  I just didn't have the heart to force it on her.

She spent many years working at a local library in the Doggie Tales Reading Program for Children and made many many visits to the VA Hospital with Marty, doing her best to cheer up those in need.

As a breeder, I am proud of all the dogs that I breed. Gypsy, however, has set the standard quite high for the rest of us to follow.

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