Ch B.Witchnís Dutch Treat CD HS OA NAJ VBCH TT OFA H/E/C/T Cerf

I canít say enough about Dutch.   Not just my first bouvier puppy, he gave me many of my "doggie firsts".   He was my first conformation dog, earning his championship.   He was my first obedience dog, earning his CD title in three straight trials.   He was my first herding dog, earning his PT and HS titles and going High in Trial at his very first trial.   He was my first therapy dog, working with me at Lutheran Hospital bringing smiles and joy to the faces of many a patient.   He didnít participate in his first agility trial until he was seven years of age, going on to earn three titles, NA, OA, and NAJ.   All in all, he honestly earned the title of "Mr. Perfect".   He worked for love, not for treats.   He tried his best at everything he did.   Along with his seven titles (earned in seven consecutive years), he loved carting.   He looked beautiful in his harness and cart.   It was with Dutch in mind that I wrote the first ABdFC (American Bouviers de Flanders Club) Carting Regulations which now allows our bouviers to work toward and compete for an ABdFC Carting Title.   Dutch sired one litter in 1994, which produced two American and two Canadian champions.   Dutch has been a great role model for all puppies that have come to live with us and played the "Uncle Dutch" role to the hilt!

Dutch left us, at the age of 13, in September, 2004.   He will be remembered and missed by myself and his many fans.

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